How to install Kodi on iPhone or iPad 2018 – [Step By Step]

We all know that Kodi is a free media streaming app and it is available on all OS. So everyone uses it and enjoy all the services. But if you have iPhone or iPad, then you will have a problem.

You can’t download Kodi from Apple App Store. Because the Kodi is not available on Apple App Store. If you still wanted to download and enjoy all the services which are provided by the kodi, then download it from Safari browser.

In this tutorial, we will tell you how to install kodi iPhone iPad. There are many tutorials are available on the internet, but this will be easy for you.

Just follow the steps which are mentioned below and you can use Kodi on iPhone or iPad. So let’s watch it:

How to install Kodi on iPhone or iPad:


Open App Store from your iPhone or iPad and search TweakBox App. If you can’t find it then click here. By this link, you can easily install it.


Now download this App.


Before installation, you will get a prompt message like “This website is trying to open settings to show you a configuration profile. Do you want to allow this?” Click on “Allow” option if you won’t have any problem.


This will open your Settings menu to allow installation of this app. Again one you prompted and click on “Install” option.


Now go back to the home screen and open TweakBox.


Now you can see three options on the top of the screen like HOME, APPS, and INFO.


So click on “APPS” option and select TweakBox App.


Now how you can completely install kodi iPhone iPad, just scroll down this tutorial and follow all the steps.


Now you will get a list and scroll down it. Then find out Kodi and select it.


Once you select, you will get one pop-up menu. Click on “Install “ option once again.


After that go back to the home screen and open “Settings” menu.


Select “General” option and then find out “Profile and device management”.


Then click the text located underneath Enterprise App. (Yours may read something different than shown below).


Now click on “Beijing Founder Electronics Co Ltd” or other option you will get instead of this.


Once you chose it you will get one pop-up menu like “Trust iPhone distribution Beijing Founder Electronics Co Ltd Apps on this Phone”. So select “Trust” optionIf you wanted to know what will happen at last then just scroll down this tutorial.


Go back to home screen and open Kodi.


Then click the setting icon on the top left corner.


Click on “System” option the right side of the screen.


Click on “Add-ons” option in the bottom left side and on the right side you will see “Unknown Sources”. Turn on this option.


After that to install kodi iphone ipad, go back to home screen of Kodi and click on “File Manager” option at top of the screen.


Click on ‘+’ sign which is denoted “Add source” option on the left side of the screen.


Now you can install preferred Add-ons to view the content.

So this is the process to install kodi iphone ipad. If still, you can’t install kodi iphone or ipad, then we are recommending another two methods. One is, to install kodi on phone or ipad via Cydia Impactor. Second is, to install kodi via Xcode app.

So let’s watch it how to install kodi iphone ipad via these two methods:

  • How to install Kodi on iphone or ipad using Cydia Impactor:

It is a very simple and popular method to install kodi iphone or ipad. Cydia Impactor is a very famous app available on Apple App Store. It is used for macOS and Windows that allows iOS users to download non-App Store apps on iOS devices.

You can install kodi iphone ipad by this app in few steps as shown below:


Connect your iPhone or iPad to your PC or Mac system. Now open iTunes and pug into your iOS device.


Now open Cydia Impactor app. Meanwhile, open your browser and just search “kodi ipa file download”. Download this file.


Then just drag and drop this file into the app.


Make sure that your iOS device is selected in the drop-down menu and click on “Start” button.


Now the app will ask you for your Apple login ID and password. Once you will provide this information, Apple first verifies this ID and password then you can use IPA file.


Once the app has been installed, click on “Settings” menu and select “General” option. Then you can see the option like “Profiles and Device Management”.


Click on this option. Provide your Apple ID and password and open it.


Now one pop-up will be generated and click on “Trust” option.


At last, open the app and enjoy unlimited services of kodi on iphone or ipad.

If this method is also not working, then install kodi on your iOS devices via Xcode app. By this method you can install kodi iphone ipad. Now let’s go with the second method.

How to install Kodi on iphone or ipad using Xcode:


First you need to download Kodi deb file for this method and download it from the web. Now download the latest version of this app from Apple App store.


You also need to download iOS App Signer file and unzip it.


Now connect your iOS device to your Mac or PC.


Click on “Create a new Xcode project” in the left corner of the screen. Make sure that app is highlighted in the iOS section on the left side and then click on “Single View Application” option and give the product name is “Kodi“.


After that one dialogue box will be open and click on “Next” button.


At last another dialogue box will open and you need to identify the app which you are created. In next screen, you will have to provide product name and organization identifier. Also some verification process will be happen from Apple.


Once all the information will have been provided by you, then open Kodi app and install best kodi add-on for movies, sports, TV shows etc.


Open kodi and click on “Add-ons” option in the bottom left corner.


So these are all methods used to install kodi iphone ipad. You can use anyone and enjoy uninterrupted services of Kodi. If you are movies or TV shows lover and wanted to stream movies or TV shows with subtitles on your iPhone or iPad, then we are recommending some kodi add-ons via this link. So open this link and watch it carefully. Select proper kodi add-on for subtitles and install it.

Final Words:

Kodi is the best way to watch movies, TV shows, sports from the web. Above all these methods used to install kodi iOS devices. We verified all the steps and it is properly working on iPhone or iPad.

So we highly recommend you to use one of the methods for installation, if you have faced a problem like you can’t download kodi on iOS devices. I hope you will like this tutorial and will follow all the steps properly. Thank YOU!

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