How to Install Real Debrid on Kodi – [Step By Step Tutorial]

Let’s face it:

To find videos of high quality i.e. 1080p is very much difficult to find on kodi.

Various Kodi add-ons like covenant, exodus and other third party add-ons are failed to provide high quality videos. Also sometimes there is issue of buffering while streaming video using these add-ons.

Here we are with the solution:

You have to install Real Debrid on kodi, which not only gives additional sources of high quality videos but also resolve buffering problems.

In this tutorial we will give you steps for How to install Real Debrid on Kodi. So just follow the steps and enjoy uninterrupted streaming of high quality videos.

Overview of the steps you have to follow:

  1. Create account in Real Debrid
  2. Configure URL Resolver
  3. Set priority in universal resolver
  4. Reauthorize URL Resolver
  5. Authorization Code generated
  6. Enter code in official website of Real Debrid to authorize your account

Note that when you install Real Debrid on kodi, you should deactivate VPN (if you are using) before following the steps given below. Once installation is completed, you may activate your VPN.

Real Debrid- Sign up

If you want to install Real Debrid on kodi it is mandatory to create account with Real Debrid. To enjoy unlimited Movies and TV shows in 1080p quality, follow the steps for signing up in Real Debrid:

  1. Open Real Debrid website.
  2. You will see “Sign up” option. Select that option and fill all details.
  3. You will receive confirmation mail from host.
  4. From the link provided in confirmation mail, activate your Real Debrid account and log in to Real Debrid website.
  5. To complete your Real Debrid Registration, enter security code send to you on your email ID.
  6. You have almost completed sign up process and you can use free trial version but if you want to choose premium services then there are several options, choose according to your need.
  7. So sign up process is done, now get ready to install Real Debrid on Kodi!

How to Install Real Debrid on Kodi 17.6 Krypton

After completing Sign up process you are all set to install Real Debrid on kodi. To enjoy high quality videos of 1080p as well as to resolve problem of buffering, you have to follow the steps given below. Make sure that you are strictly following the steps given below:

All you have to do is just scroll down!

Step 1

Click on settings option (gear icon) given in Kodi menu.

Step 2

Click on System Settings option.

Step 3

Head to Basic option given in System Settings menu.

Step 4

After selecting basic option, navigate till option named ‘Advanced’.

Step 5

Now Select Add-ons option in Basic menu.

Step 6

You have to select “Manage Dependencies” option in add-ons menu.


Step 7

In Manage Dependencies menu you have to select URL resolver.

Step 8

In this step you have to Configure URL Resolver.

Step 9

In Configure option you will see various resolvers. From that you have to choose Universal Resolvers.

Step 10

You have select Priority in Real Debrid section of Universal Resolvers.

Step 11

You have to change Priority from 100 to 90. After changing Priority, Click on Done option.

So here we are! Half of the task is completed successfully, now to know how to authorize Real Debrid on kodi all you have to do is read on!

Step 12

Click on “OK” button.

Step 13

Again go to Configure part of URL Resolvers.

Step 14

You have to select Universal Resolvers and scroll down to Real Debrid Section.

In that section you have to navigate to reauthorize My Account option.

Step 15

New pop up will show up asking you to head towards Real Debrid website.

Also authorization code will be generated, that code you have to use for further in Real Debrid website. Now Open Web Browser on your device (phone, computer or any device you are using) and head to

Then log in to your Real Debrid account and enter the code which was generated earlier.

Finally click on Continue option after entering the code.

Step 16

After entering the code, pop will show at top right hand side showing message URL Resolver Real Debrid Resolver is authorized.

That’s it! You have successfully authorized Real Debrid on kodi and all Real Debrid sources will be now available within all kodi add-ons in your fire stick or fire TV. If you want to enjoy High quality videos with subtitles you can use the link given below:

How to add subtitles on kodi

If you want to know more about Kodi add-ons that are properly working use the link given below.

Best Kodi add-ons

What is Real Debrid?

Real Debrid is one type of downloader which can play videos of very high quality i.e. 1080p and also provides uninterrupted services.

So by using Real debrid you can have access to high quality videos which are not available in various add-ons like Exodus, Covenant and other third party add-ons.

Most of the users face issues like low resolution videos and buffering problem. Real Debrid is solution for all the issues faced by users as Real Debrid has access to various high quality videos.

You will see content in various add-ons includes new sources which has access to 1080p videos. Real Debrid offers free trial account which can be operated during Happy hours i.e.  6:00 A.M. till 12 P.M. Also you can avail premium services of Real Debrid which costs approximately $4 per month.

Wrap up

Real Debrid is downloader which gives you best quality videos and resolve buffering issue. Steps and full method given by us to install Real Debrid on kodi is totally verified and working fine. This is the easiest way to install Real Debrid on kodi.

We are glad that you can enjoy your favorite Movies or TV shows by following our tutorial How to install Real Debrid on kodi. We highly recommend you to use Real Debrid in order to get uninterruptable services and to deal with buffering issues.

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