How to install Specto on Kodi 2018 – [Step by Step]

Are you the fan of movies or TV shows?

If yes, then you are at a perfect place to know how to install Specto on kodi.

We agree with you that to find all movies and TV shows’ content at one place is a very difficult task.  Also to find the high-quality video is a rare thing you can find.

So here we are with the solution:

Using Specto kodi add-on you will achieve your all desire at one place. With the same excitement and enthusiasm of yours for your favorite TV shows, we will tell you how to install Specto Kodi add-on in the simplest way possible.

How to install Specto on Kodi

If you are looking for a way to watch movies and famous TV shows on Kodi, then Specto is perfect kodi add-on. Many latest movies and TV shows are available on Specto. Those who are familiar with Exodus kodi add-on you will see similar menus, as well as contents, are available on Specto.

Now the big question is how to install Specto on kodi? So there are few steps available which you can follow to install Specto on kodi. The latest version of Specto can be installed from SMASH repository. Now first we will tell you about how third-party add-on can be installed on kodi and after that, we will tell you how to install Specto on kodi.


If you are using kodi on daily basis, then you are aware of that kodi does not allow installation of third-party add-ons. If you want to use these add-ons then kodi itself approved and maintained. Now first open “Kodi” and click on Gear icon which is Setting icon placed in the top left corner.


After that click on “System setting” placed on right side of the screen.


Now you can click on “Add-ons” button on the left side bar.


Now on the right panel, you will see “Unknown sources” option. Click on this option. Now scroll down this tutorial and follow all the steps.


Then kodi will give a warning against enabling the support for third-party add-ons. And at last, you can click on toggle button and turn on “Unknown Sources” option.

Now we will let you know how to install Specto on kodi. If you will strictly follow these steps, then you can easily install and use Specto on kodi.


Open Kodi and navigate to app’s “Settings” option.


Then click on “File Manager” option.


After that one pop-up menu is generated and you will see an option like “Add file source” on the left side of your screen. Double click on this option.


Then click on “<None>” option on this pop-up menu.


Once you clicked it, then you will be asked to provide a link like and click on “OK” button to confirm your entry.


You can also provide a name for it or you can leave it as it is. If you want to change a name then kodi will provide some suggestions like “kodistuff” etc.


Now you have entered the URL and name, and then click on “OK” button. This will dismiss the pop-up menu. By doing this, you can successfully add web-based file source to Kodi. And during next few steps, we will use kodi to access that directory and install Specto on kodi. But this will be the zip file.


Now go to Home screen; go to “Add-ons” in the main menu. Do you want to know what is the last step? Then scroll down this tutorial and follow all the steps properly.


Now you will see an option like “Open box icon” in the top left corner. Click it.


Once you clicked it, one pop-up will be generated and you can select “Install from ZIP file” option. Then you can open a directory called “kodistuff”.


Now you will choose a file named like “”. Click on this file.


Now we will install Specto on Kodi from SMASH repo. Once it completed, you will get notification from the top right corner.


Now go back to Home screen and click on “Add-ons” option.


After that once again click on “Open box icon” in the top left corner.


Then you will need to select “Install from repository” option.


Then you can open “SMASH repo” option and after that open “Video Add-ons” folder. So you can clearly see the Specto kodi add-on.


Once you will see the home screen of the Specto add-on, click on “Install” button. So these are few steps to install Specto on kodi. By doing it, we can easily install Specto on kodi and watch latest movies and TV shows.

Congratulation! You got a new add-on for streaming movies and shows on kodi. Now you can see some categories mentioned on the home screen of Specto kodi add-on like Movies, TV shows, Channels, My Specto, Latest movies, Latest episodes, Tools and Search etc.

Now first two categories are where you will see find movies and TV shows. Many TV channels are available on Specto add-on. There are 61 TV networks are available at the moment. So you can search some interesting TV features according to your choice.

The third category is Channels. It offers multiple of channels related to sports, entertainment, music, news etc.

You can also create your own watch lists. If you found some interesting contents and you wanted to put in your favorites then you will do right click on that title and put it in your favorite catalog.

Latest Movies and Latest TV shows, by these two categories you can watch latest contents which are available on Specto. You will just click on latest web link to particular movies or shows and you can stream.

In addition, it offers some extra services like Trakt, IMDB ratings and Alluc etc. Once you choose the content and you can watch ratings, comments, cast etc. about that content.

By Tools and search option, you can make optimizations and search the whole add-on for specific titles. So this is the whole process of how to install Specto on kodi and its features.

After all these stuffs, still you don’t get Specto kodi add-on, then try another kodi add-on that name is Genesis kodi add-on. Here we are providing a link, so you can download it from here.

Final Words

We sincerely hope that you’ve managed to install Specto on Kodi. We have done our best to provide a solution.  Specto never had a consistent run as an add-on, but when it is online there is no better add-on to match its features. It is similar to Genesis and Covenant add-on but there are some issues with these kodi add-ons. So we are highly recommending you to use Specto instead of those add-ons. That’s all the info we have provided about how to install Specto on Kodi add-on which can be useful to any TV show or Movie fan.

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