How To Install 123Movies Kodi 17 Krypton with fix – [Error Solved]

We know that to choose most appropriate kodi add-on for Movies and TV shows is a very difficult task. So which kodi add-on is better to watch movies and TV shows and which is not? It’s a quite difficult task to choose one.

Now in this tutorial, we will let you know how to install 123Movies kodi add-on fix in simple and easy steps. Also, we will tell you about how to install 123Movies kodi add-on fix in a proper manner. At last, we will discuss about some errors which are occurred during installation. So here we go:


123Movies kodi add-on is a very famous kodi add-on for streaming movies and TV shows without any interrupt. Many Hollywood movies and TV shows are available on 123Movies kodi add-on. So you can watch all that contents and a lot more via free streaming on 123Movies kodi add-on.

In this tutorial, we will try to explain how to install 123Movies kodi add-on fix. So please follow proper instructions and you cab easily install 123Movies kodi add-on fix. Basically, there are six simplest steps to install 123Movies kodi add-on fix.

We tried and tested this whole process and follow the below-mentioned steps to enter a new URL and then install 123Movies kodi add-on fix:


First open Kodi home screen and click on “Add-ons” in the bottom-left corner. Then click on “Video Add-ons” option. Then right-click on 123Movies and click on “Settings” option.


When clicked on “Settings” option then you will get pop-up menu and press “Site URL” tab present on the left side and change the URL to .


This URL will work definitely, so keep enjoying the latest media contents which are available.

So this is the process to add new URL and now we are telling about how to install 123Movies kodi add-on fix. There are main 6 steps to install 123Movies kodi add-on fix.


First to launch Kodi and click on “Settings” option on the top of the main menu. After that, you will see “File Manager” option. Now File manager menu will be opened and then double click on “Add source” option in the bottom-left corner.


After that, a pop-up menu will be opened, and type on the place where it says <None> and write the name of media source file e.g. “Kodil repo”. Then click on “OK” button. Now first double check the URL and the source name and once again click on “OK” button to close the dialogue box.


Now press ‘ESC’ button and you will go back to Home screen of Kodi. Then click on “Add-ons” button once again. After that click on “Box icon” (Package installer icon) on the top left corner. So you will get an option like “Install from zip file”. Select “Kodil Repo” and click on “Kodil Zip”. If you wanted to know what is the last step then scroll down this tutorial and follow all these steps.


Now install 123Movies from its repo that is Kodi Israel repository and go on Video add-ons option. So you will see one list and many add-ons are available in that list. So find 123Movies and click it.


After that click on “Install” button and wait for the add-on takes time for installation.


Now again press ‘ESC’ button to go back to home screen of kodi. Click on “Add-ons” option in the bottom left corner and finally click on “123Movies” and enjoy unlimited streaming without any interrupt. So via these steps, you can install 123Movies kodi add-on fix.

Now we know that during whole installation process sometimes we got some errors and we didn’t fix it. So we didn’t install any kind of add-on. And we are unable to stream any contents which are available on the web. So right now we are telling about which kind of errors will occur during 123Movies installation process and what are the solutions. So errors and its solutions are given as below:


  • Update

Sometimes 123Movies may stop working in a specific manner and may not install in a proper period of time until you will restart kodi. So that time you will check the current version of 123Movies kodi add-on. There few steps to check any update for 123Movies which are given as below:


First open Kodi and click on “Add-ons” option in the left corner. Then click on “Video add-on” and then right click on 123Movies home screen page so you will get one pop-up box and select “Information” option.


After that click on “Update” option and turning on “Auto-update” option.

So by doing this, you can solve the query and easily install 123Movies kodi add-on fix without any bug.

  • No Stream Available

When you trying to stream any video on 123Movies so you will get an error like “No streaming is available for this content or Video”. So don’t worry about this error because it’s a very common error. So this error occurs because of cache is completely filled up. So clear all cache memory and then re-installing the add-on.

  • Failed to install dependency

Sometimes you will get one notification like “Failed to install dependency” while trying to install 123Movies kodi add-on fix. This error says that either there are some files are missing in the repository or the repository which you are currently using has been already shut down. Now you will solve this query in 2 steps. First check, your repository and add-on are updated or not. Second, use reliable sources to install any add-on as some repositories contain malware.

  • 123Movies Not Playing

You will also get an error like this without any specific reason or the media content which you are currently using, that will be stuck for a particular time. That time you will just update your 123Movies kodi add-on. And install the latest version from the web.

  • 123Movies Error Check Log

This is a very frustrating kind of error when users put the time and effort in install 123Movies kodi add-on fix, but after all these efforts and time we didn’t get it. So first, check the cache memory. Is it filled up or not? If it is filled up completely then clear it. Meanwhile, download “Add-on installer” and install “Maintenance tool add-on” from the web. Once you will clear all cache memory then select “Purge Packages” and press on “YES” button. And then restart Kodi.

So these are all problems which we faced during the installation of 123Movies and also mentioned all solutions. If this kodi add-on doesn’t work properly, then install Genesis reborn kodi add-on to watch movies and TV shows without any interrupt. But how you can download and use it? you will get all the information from this link. Please click here.

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Final Words

At last, enjoy unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows by following these steps of How to install 123Movies kodi add-on fix. So this process to install 123movies on kodi is verified and properly working. So it is the easiest way to watch your favorite shows and movies. We hope you will like this content and it will help you out.

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