How to watch amazon prime videos with chromecast – [Easy Way]

Is it possible to watch amazon prime videos with chromecast on your big screen means on your TV?

The answer is “Yes”.

It is very easy to watch movies and TV shows which you are streaming on several apps from mobile and watching it on TV.

In this tutorial, We will tell you that how it is possible. We will give you a simple example with help of Amazon Prime app and Chromecast. There are two methods to watch Amazon prime Chromecast. The first method describes how your computer will be connected with Chromecast and watches it on a TV screen. Second describes that how your mobile phone is connected to Chromecast and opens it on a TV screen.

So these methods tell you about interfacing between Amazon prime app and Chromecast. So all the contents which are available on the prime app, you can watch it on a big screen. So let’s watch it:

How to watch Amazon Prime Video on Chromecast

If you have own Google Chromecast and trying to watch Amazon Prime Chromecast, then you must know that Amazon Prime video doesn’t support that Chromecast as well as Android TV. But don’t worry about it. There are numerous ways to watch Amazon Prime Chromecast.

Now we all know what Amazon Prime is and what it offers. Prime offers many popular TV shows and Movies. So you can stream at any time. But it can’t be work on Chromecast. Also, it does not support Google chrome API. Mainly there are two methods to watch Amazon prime Chromecast.

One through your PC and second is, through your mobile device. Now in both cases, you will connect Chromecast with your TV and watch Amazon prime Chromecast. So here it goes:


In this method, you must have a computer. And you need to install the latest version of Chrome browser. OS should be MAC or Windows, doesn’t care about it. Here we are providing a link to install the latest version of Google Chrome from here. Another thing is that you have prime membership in Amazon Prime app. If you don’t have, then buy it immediately. At last, your computer and Google Chromecast are on the same wifi network.

So there are few steps which you can follow to watch Amazon Prime Chromecast without any interrupt.


First open your Google Chrome browser on your PC and click on 3 vertical dot icon on the top right corner. Now one pop-up menu will be generated on the right side and click on “Cast” option. If you will not see this kind of option, then update your browser and once again follow this step.



Now you will have the option like “Cast” and click it. Once you clicked it, it will ask you to choose the casting source. So you can select from your Chrome Tab or desktop.


Then it will automatically identify the chrome cast device in nearby your region and cast your screen on it.


So it will cast your computer and your TV. That means both are connected right now. Now you can use your PC on a TV screen.


Now one part is done with Chromecast.


Another part, it’s time to play Amazon prime videos on that big screen.


First you still didn’t get Prime membership from Amazon Prime then get it fast and subscribe your account on Amazon Prime. Once you have done it, you will get 30 days free trial subscription to watch videos on Prime.


Then select any movie or TV show which you can want to watch.


Now click on play button and start streaming.


That’s it! Now you can watch any movies or series on big screen. So it is the first method to watch Amazon prime Chromecast. Favorite videos you can watch and put it on watch list menu. So in future, you can watch it again without any interrupt.


So this is a very easiest method to watch Amazon prime Chromecast. So any kind of videos which are available on Amazon prime app you can watch on big screen.


This is the second method name is, to watch Amazon prime Chromecast by casting mobile screen instead of the TV screen.

Here we will cast our mobile to Chromecast in few steps.


First download Amazon Prime app and get Prime membership from Amazon Prime app. Now make sure that your mobile phone and Chromecast are on the same wifi network.


Then download Google Home app from Google play store for Android phones and for ios supported phones, download it from Appstore.


Now open the app and it will ask you some permission. So allow it and it will start scanning the entire supported device connected to your network.


Tap on Menu button, then click on “Cast screen/audio” option in the top left corner.


Once you clicked it, it will show how many devices are connected at present. So click on Chromecast device.


Now your mobile is connected to Chromecast device on the same network. So you can watch your mobile screen on a big TV screen.


Open Amazon Prime app and click on play button. So now you can stream any videos which are actually paying on the mobile screen, but you can watch it on TV screen via the Chromecast connection.

You can also adjust the screen size if you want to change. And you can set the aspect ratio of the screen from the settings menu in Google home app.

Many people who have purchased Google Chromecast device have wanted to Chromecast Amazon Prime Instant Videos to their TV. Currently, Amazon doesn’t support Google’s Chromecast API, but at other side, people will want to Chromecast Amazon Prime videos using chrome browser and Chromecast.

If you are a movie lover then you know that how you can add subtitles for a particular movie. If you don’t know, then don’t worry. Here we are providing a link, so you will get all the information. Just click here.

Final words

So both the methods to watch Amazon Prime Chromecast are explained. Now it’s your turn to implement one of these methods and enjoy unlimited videos on your TV with Chromecast or Android TV. In both methods, there is one disadvantage, when you are streaming the videos with your computer and mobile phone that time both devices are bust at a moment. So you can not do anything with your phone and TV.

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