How to install ESPN3 on Kodi Step by Step -[with Pictures]

Are you a sports fan?

If yes, then you are at perfect place to know how to install ESPN3 on kodi.

We agree with you that to find all sports content at one place is very difficult task.  Also to find high quality sports video is rare thing you can find.

So here we are with the solution:

Using ESPN3 kodi add-on you will achieve your all desire sports at one place. With the same excitement and enthusiasm of yours for your favorite sports  we will tell you how to install ESPN3 on Kodi  in 2 Simplest approach to install ESPN3 on kodi.

If you want to know how to install kodi on fire stick or fire TV, all you have to do is follow this tutorial:

how to install kodi on fire stick

How to install ESPN3 on Kodi

If you are sports lover and if you want to see all web contents related to sports then this kodi add-on will help you. ESPN3 kodi add-on is a famous kodi add-on and you can get all the collections of sports games. ESPN3 kodi add-on offers live matches, latest highlights, recaps and live commentary etc.

We all know that ESPN network channels are famous for all sports contents. So via ESPN3 kodi add-on, you can watch any content on the web that is put up by ESPN network and its channels.

Before you get started with ESPN3 kodi add-on, make sure your connection is secure or not. Because you are streaming everything over the internet, so sometimes content is not secure.  So make it secure with IPVanish VPN. It is easy to use and secure your own connection.

Now following are the steps to install ESPN3 on kodi:


You can download ESPN3 kodi add-on from Kodi repository. First click on Add-ons which is placed on bottom left hand side of the KODI’s main menu.


After clicking on Add-ons menu, you will see Download option placed at bottom left side of Add-ons page. So click on Download option.

STEP-3: After that click on Video add-ons menu placed at center of the page and open it in Kodi’s add-on browser.

STEP-4: Now scroll whole list which you will see and find ESPN3 Kodi add-on and click on it. The list looks like as shown below:

STEP-5: Then you will see Install button placed at bottom right side of the page. Click on Install button to install ESPN3 Kodi add-on.

STEP-6: After click on Install option, icon will change that means ESPN3 kodi add-on’s installation process started.

STEP-7:  When it is done, again icon will be changed to a checkmark.


STEP-8: So now open video add-ons or video section if the add-ons menu, you will see ESPN3 kodi add-on will available and now you can open it.

 STEP-9: Now you will need to setup ESPN3 kodi add-on on your kodi device. First make a free account on ESPN web and you have to associate ESPN3 kodi add-on with that account. Now you can launch ESPN3 add-on from Add-ons menu.


STEP-10: Now authenticate ESPN3 kodi add-on via click on it. So you will find Authenticate with provider to access premium content menu from top of the list and click on it.

 STEP-11: After clicking on this menu, you will get a dialogue box. This box mentioned three basic steps for activation process. First, currently you are dealing with Apple TV link regardless of kodi device. Second, you will need to provide activation code to enter to the ESPN web. Third, if your device is activated, you can click on Continue button.


STEP-12: For activation code, just click on the given below link:

STEP-13: Now choose your service provider from drop down menu and enter proper activation code. Then click on Continue button.

STEP-14: Once activation is done, your device is activated and you can connect with all ESPN channels. After that open Kodi menu once again and you will get a dialogue box, now you have to just click on Continue button.

STEP-15: After that you will get notified via same dialogue box that your device has been authenticated. That means authentication process is successfully completed and now you can stream unlimited of contents which you want from ESPN web.

STEP-16: After that going back to home screen of ESPN3 kodi add-on and you will see latest highlights as well as live matches from all ESPN network channels.

STEP-17: Now we want tell you one more thing about Addon settings menu placed at bottom of the page.

STEP-18: Now click on Add-on settings menu. In this menu 4 parameters are available like Playback, channels, device menu and advanced.

STEP-19: By Playback option, you can set the streaming quality in 1080p, 720p or 480p etc. Also you can vary bit rate limit to control bandwidth of ESPN3 kodi add-on.

Channels option offers various channels that you can stream.

By device menu option, you can control all video contents and navigate into several categories. At last you can change the color or background and you can also clear all cached data via advanced option.

How to install ESPN Player kodi add-on

If you can’t stream the content of ESPN network channels via ESPN3 kodi add-on, ESPN Player kodi add-on is best option to stream each and every ESPN channel and other channels.

You can install ESPN Player kodi add-on from .zip repository. This Kodi sport add-ons can be installed in various ways such as direct from zip, via the repo zip or via the install URL in Kodi file manager.

Now all you have to do is following the steps for installing ESPN Player kodi add-on on kodi which are as given below:


STEP-1: First open kodi 17 krypton from Settings menu which is placed at top left corner.

STEP-2: Then click on System setting-> Expert Mode-> Add-ons.

STEP-3: Meanwhile you need to turn on “Unknown Sources”. Otherwise you will not able to install third-party add-ons.

STEP-4: So that you will get pop up dialogue box and click on “YES” option.

STEP-5: After that you can download ESPN Player add-on zip repo file from this link-

STEP-6: Now back to main menu and click on Add-on option.

STEP-7: Now you need to select install from zip file -> option.

STEP-8: Once ESPN Player is installed, wait for one message that you will see in bottom or top right corner “Add-on is enabled”.

STEP-9: Then go back to home page.

STEP-10: Select Add-ons -> Video add-ons -> ESPN Player.

If you are facing problem of buffering and not able to watch high quality video Click Here.

Final words

For sports fan, ESPN3 kodi add-on is one of the best add-ons to watch unlimited sports content without any kind of interruption. We highly recommend you to use ESPN3 add-on to get full sports entertainment. Given steps for how install ESPN3 on kodi is best way to install ESPN3 on kodi as per our knowledge.

But let us remind you again that don’t forget to use Kodi VPN when you are using such add-ons.

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